Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®

Our Team

We keep a small, but focused, dynamic, and capable team here at Reach Isles. Many of us bring our real life experience from major business organizations to play. Scalable and efficient business practices and policies coupled with smart use of advanced technology form our core, and allow us to run one of Second Life’s larger estates in a streamlined manner. We are all about top quality, and that starts with our staff!

Reacher Rau Reacher Rau – Principal

Founder and owner of Reach Isles, Reacher focuses on steering the overall vision of the company. At current count he has designed well over 200 unique sims, and continues to lead the design of our new sims and land products.
Jacqueline Daniels Jacqueline Daniels – Lead Estate Manager

Jacq is our lead estate manager. She also blogs on SL fashion at In Jacq’s closet.
Landscape Hermit Landscape Hermit – Landscaper

Self-described as a young Scotsman trapped in an old Japanese body, Landscape handles the planting duties for the estate. Currently using products from Green & Wild Garden Centre.
Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®