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Homestead – low cost sims

Imagine the tranquility and potential of living on your own quarter, half, or full sim. Feel secure buying from a well established estate; we’ve specialized in homestead residences for over nine years. Join our community of over 100 homestead regions; nearly 6 million square meters of the most beautiful land in Second Life!

Our homestead land works a bit differently than land our traditional sims. The difference lies mainly in the land-to-prim ratio. Homestead land is ideal for those who prefer to live more secluded, with lots of space and maximum privacy.

Our land: original and unique

Tired of seeing the same looking islands everywhere you go? We develop beautiful original landscapes of all different themes; tropical beaches to snowcapped mountains, and everything in between. We create our own island designs, terrain textures, plants and trees, to give your land a unique look within SL. Many of our properties include expensive, luxury prefab homes. Others include sculptures, beach huts, gazebos and other goodies, and all are master landscaped. Scroll down to see photos of some of the islands!

Easy Swap Policy:

As a homestead land owner, you have the right to swap your land for another parcel of the same prim size, for free! This makes your land purchase a true investment, and assures that you won’t be locked into one particular piece of land. As Reach Isles is now one of the larger homestead estates in SL, managing over 6 million m² of land, this is a significant advantage for you. For full details, see this blog post.

Sim Designs Library:

Full Homestead sim owners also have access to our library of professionally created Sim Designs. Each of these designs includes the terraform, ground texturing, and full landscaping. It means that if you get tired of your current sim, you can have us apply a new design to give it a fresh look. Even if you enjoy landscaping and terraforming yourself, these designs provide a great base to start with. Best of all, this comes at no extra cost!

How to Buy:

Our Prices:

  • Purchase price includes first 4 weeks of tier!
Full Sim Half Sim 1/3rd Sim 1/4th Sim
total prims 5000 2500 1666 1250
purchase + 4 weeks tier L$39,250 L$22,250 L$15,000 L$11,500
weekly tier payment L$7,850 L$4,450 L$3,000 L$2,300

Snapshots of our Homestead land:

Check out our Homestead Set on Flickr, for over 400 photos of our amazing homestead islands!

Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®