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Sim Designs

We now offer a growing library of complete island designs for Reach Isles sim owners. More than just a “RAW file”, each of these designs includes the terraform, ground texturing, and full landscaping. They take your island from bare to beautiful in minutes. If you’d like a design applied to your sim, just contact a Reach Isles agent.

Visit our in-world display and use the arrow buttons on the front of the display to cycle through the designs. Check back periodically as we will add new designs from time to time. The display shows a set of photos and a 3d sculpted model for each design. The 3d model gives you a good idea of what the *shape* of the land will look like, and the photos show what the landscaping and terrain textures will look like. Remember, you don’t have to keep your sim exactly like you see here — you can change the terrain textures, landscaping, and terraform to your liking after we apply the design.



  • How much do these sim designs cost?

There is no charge if you are a Reach Isles resident. We consider this library of professionally created sim designs to be a substantial benefit to owning land in our estate. It means that if you get tired of your current sim, you can have us apply a new design to give it a fresh look. Even if you enjoy landscaping and terraforming yourself, these designs provide a great base to start with.

  • It says fully landscaped; that means I won’t have to plant myself?

That’s correct. While many other estates upload raw files for you that change the shape of the terrain, you are left with a bare sim that you have to add landscaping prims to yourself. This is both expensive and time consuming. Our designs on the other hand include full landscaping; your sim will look much like how the photos show, with trees, plants, and flowers carefully placed around the sim. You will own these landscaping prims as well, so you can change or remove them as you wish after we apply the base design.

  • I own land with a different estate. Can I buy one of these designs?

Not at this time. Currently our sim designs are only for Reach Isles residents; owners of full Homestead sims or Private Regions.

  • Some of the photos show houses. Do they come with the design?

Maybe. If we still have that particular house in our inventory, we will be happy to place a copy for you, otherwise no. Remember that we are a land estate, not prefab home designers.

  • How do I prepare my sim for a new design?

Before we can apply a new design to your sim, you’ll need to either totally clear the ground level of prims, or raise them into the air about 50m. Otherwise, the prims will end up buried underground or returned to your lost & found folder when we upload the new design.

Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®