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Reach Isles is a virtual land development and management company focused on luxury living in Second Life. Our sims are for those who prefer living on private islands without the lag and congestion of the mainland, at affordable prices with a flexible tier structure.

✧ Reach Isles Agents:

  • ReachIsles Core
  • Jacqueline Daniels
  • Reacher Rau

Please don’t hesitate to contact any of us by IM for any reason. IM sent to the avatar “ReachIsles Core” will be sent to all agents at once. We also offer e-mail support at

✧ Covenant and guidelines for ownership – PLEASE READ COMPLETELY

The covenant below sets out your responsibilities as a land owner, and our responsibilities as the estate owner.

Before you buy, make sure that you read this covenant. If you have any questions, please contact one of our agents. All purchases are final.


✧ Homestead:

Homestead land is ideal for those who prefer to live more secluded, with maximum privacy. Although excellent for residential purposes, Linden Lab has only certified this type of sim for non-demanding use, so if you plan to host a large number of avatars on your land, or run heavy scripting, this type of land is not the right choice for you. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of our agents to discuss. All Homestead sims are set to a ‘Moderate’ (formerly known as ‘Mature’) rating. If you own an entire Homestead sim, you can change this to another rating.

If you purchase a full Homestead sim, you also quality for the following additional service offerings:

  • While all landowners may change the shape of their land using Linden’s terrain editing interface, full sim owners also have the option to have us upload a RAW terrain file for them. Doing this will instantly make wide-sweeping changes to your sim’s terrain. You can create RAW files yourself, or buy them from a landscaper designer. We maintain more than 30 professional island designs in a 3d display at As a full sim owner with us, you can request that any of these designs be applied to your sim at any time, for no charge.
  • You have complete freedom with regards to commercial activity on your island. Please see the COMMERCIAL USE section below for full details.
  • Use of Region/Estate menu tools will be granted upon request, subject to the stipulations described below in the SIM SELF-MANAGEMENT section.

Homestead listings @


Please read the PURCHASING LAND and TIER PAYMENTS sections below for explanations of these figures. Each parcel has a small initial purchase price, and a recurring tier payment price. Purchase prices vary, so check the parcel itself for the purchase price. Tier prices remain the same, are non-negotiable, and are listed below:

✧ Homestead parcels:

Full Sim

  • parcel size = 65,536 m²
  • total prims = 5000
  • tier cost = L$7850/week

Half Sim

  • parcel size = varies, but no more than 32,768 m²
  • total prims = 2500
  • tier cost = L$4450/week

Third Sim

  • parcel size = varies, but no more than 21,844 m²
  • total prims = 1666
  • tier cost = L$3000/week

Quarter Sim

  • parcel size = varies, but no more than 16,384 m²
  • total prims = 1250
  • tier cost = L$2300/week


This land is not operated by Linden Lab, but by Reach Isles. You do NOT need a ‘premium account’ with Linden to own land here.

Parcels may be purchased by choosing ‘World >> Buy This Land’ from your Second Life viewer menu. You will be paying in Linden Dollar (L$) currency. Payment is immediate. If you would prefer to pay in US$ via PayPal, see

Most objects you see on the parcel such as trees and plants come with the purchase; ownership of those objects will transfer to you automatically. In some cases, the land will have a prefab home already on it. As the homes do not have transfer permissions, ownership will not transfer during the sale. Nonetheless, these homes are there for the new owner to use AS IS if they wish, or return if they do not.

Parcels for sale directly from Reach Isles will be for sale by the avatar named “ReachIsles Core.” If the parcel is for sale by any other name, it’s a resale from an existing owner.


Therefore, in all cases, you only need to make one transaction before you can move right into your new land. Shortly after, you will be contacted by a Reach Isles agent, so that we can show you how future tier is paid at our LandPay™ terminals, which are located at Reach Isles Headquarters. We will also add you to our announcements group, called “Reach Isles Community.” This group is required in order to use the LandPay™ terminals.

If you are buying from an existing owner instead, the purchase price does not include 4 weeks of tier. After you buy the land, please contact an agent so that you can make the required 4-week tier payment. You must do this no later than 24 hours after purchase. Your first 4-week tier payment will be added to whatever credit was left by the former owner. For example, if tier for the parcel you bought had 10 days of credit left on it, it will have 38 days on it after you make the required 4-week payment (10 existing days + 28 new days = 38 days).


Land ownership on Reach Isles sims works differently than on the mainland. Tier fees are paid to Reach Isles and not to Linden Lab. The two systems are totally separate. A ‘premium account’ is not needed to own our land.

Ongoing tier payments must be made for each parcel owned. Payments must be made in-world at our LandPay™ terminals, which are located at Reach Isles Headquarters (

The LandPay™ terminals accept Linden Dollar (L$) currency only, and accept payment in WEEKS only, from 1 week up to 4 weeks at a time. You can add more than 4 weeks during a session by making multiple payments at the terminal. A payment simply extends the time you have remaining on your tier. This way, you do not have to pay on a specific day of the month, nor do you need to wait until your tier is due to pay. This gives you maximum flexibility so that you have ample opportunity to not let your tier expire.

A LandPay™ User Guide is available @

While it is always your responsibility to make sure your tier is payed in a timely manner, our system will help by sending you reminders starting 3 days before your tier expires. The reminders are sent via in-world IM. If you wish to add extra reliability, you can enter an e-mail address at the LandPay™ terminals, and your reminders will then be sent directly to that e-mail address, in addition to in-world IM. This is highly encouraged.

You are given a 5-day grace period after the tier has expired to pay, after which the tier is considered in default. If you default, Reach Isles reserves the right to reclaim your parcel without refund in order to help meet our financial obligations to Linden Lab. The grace period on tier is intended as a courtesy for residents, not as free tier. To discourage unnecessary use of the arrears period, a 3% late fee will be added to the weekly tier cost, for each day the parcel is in arrears. e.g, if the parcel is 2 days in arrears, a 6% late fee will apply.

Tier is not refundable or transferable. If you sell your land to another resident, any positive balance goes to the new owner.


✧ Horizontal moves (i.e, swapping):

You can swap your parcel for another one of the same prim size, for free. This makes your land purchase an investment, and means you aren’t locked into the same piece of land forever. Certain minor restrictions apply. For full details, please see the Q&A @

✧ Upward moves (i.e, upgrading):

If you decide you’d like to upgrade to a parcel with more prims, you may do so. You simply purchase the new parcel, clear your prims off the old parcel, and let us know. We will then apply the remaining tier credit from your old parcel to the new one, and we will also credit the difference in purchase prices as additional tier on the new parcel.

✧ Downward moves (i.e, downgrading):

Our parcel swapping policies are intended as an incentive for residents to maintain or increase their land holdings, not the reverse. Therefore, we don’t offer a downward transition path. If you purchase a new parcel with less prims, we cannot roll tier credit there from your old parcel. With this in mind, you may wish to wait until your current tier is up before moving if you plan on downgrading.


✧ Subleasing:

Residents may rent their parcels. The rules as outlined in this covenant are still in effect and landlords are responsible for disclosing these rules to the renter and to ensure they are made aware of all restrictions.

If you decide to rent your parcel, please rent it to a single individual or unit (such as a couple or small group). Breaking up your land into multiple rents is not allowed. If you have questions about this, please contact us to discuss before you begin to rent.

✧ Reselling:

Residents may re-sell their parcels. However, land that is to be sold must be set at its original size. Before your land is set for sale, please make sure your tier payment is current, and remains so for the duration of the sale period. Land may not be exchanged or resold when its tier is in arrears. Land in arrears that is found to be for sale will be reclaimed.


✧ Homestead parcels:

Homestead sims are intended to be residential in nature. However, as in real life, it could commonly be expected for individuals to run small businesses out of their homes. Therefore we allow residents to operate a small business on their property should they so desire. However, this privilege is subject to the following restrictions:

  1. The landowner must be present when business is transacted, or service provided;
  2. The business must be low traffic in nature.

Common examples are: design service, consulting service, photography studio.

Reach Isles reserves the right to make a determination regarding the business and request that it be removed promptly by the owner should it fall outside the guidelines above. Remember this is a privilege to residents, and common sense again prevails. The intention here is to promote a quiet, lag free environment for all residents, regardless of commercial activity. If you have questions about this, simply ask an agent for advice beforehand.

If you own a full homestead sim, these restrictions do not apply — any commercial activity that is compliant with Linden Lab’s general terms of service is permitted.


✧ Terraforming:

You are free to terraform your land as you choose. You do not have to keep the original shape and formation of your parcel if you don’t want to. A video tutorial on how to terraform is available @

Land may subdivided into different parcels, but you may not sell the sub-parcels. If you wish to sell your land, you must re-join all sub-parcels back into the original shape and sell it as a single unit.

If you buy adjacent parcels you may join them if you wish to create a single contiguous parcel. If you choose to do this, please contact us and we will help you join them.

✧ Landscaping:

You must landscape your parcel with at least some trees and plants that match the theme of the sim. There should have been landscaping present that transferred to you with the sale of the parcel. You may use this, or your own landscaping if you prefer, but please, no barren parcels with no landscaping; it detracts from the look of the sim and devalues it. If you inherited an empty parcel, we can provide you with a set of low-prim, premium landscaping prims upon request, at no cost, for use on your parcel.

Be mindful when planting vegetation that it is similar in style to the original, or at least fitting the theme of the sim. Again, common sense applies here. A rule of thumb for vegetation is to ask yourself whether the plant or tree in question might reasonably grow in a similar environment in RL. For example, if the sim is a tropical beach theme, don’t plant deciduous trees like maple, oak, or aspen.

Reach Isles reserves the right to ask you to change or modify any terraforming or landscaping that you’ve done which we feel inhibits the character or integrity of the sim, though we intend to be reasonable about this as we wish you to enjoy the land in your own unique way.

Note: If you own a full homestead sim, these restrictions do not apply — you may landscape in any way you choose, or not at all.

✧ Sim Self-Management:

For full homestead sim owners who wish to self-manage their sim, use of the Region/Estate menu tools will be granted upon request to the land owner, and up to two additional avatars. This is commonly known as “Estate Manager” access. All requests for initial Estate Manager access, and to add, delete, and/or change these two additional avatars must come from the land owner only.

Education about the use of these tools is your responsibility, however pointers to documentation on how to use them can be provided upon request.

Access to the Region/Estate menu tools comes with increased power and complexity, and thus incurs additional risk as well. Please be sure you are comfortable with this risk before requesting access, and before granting it to others. Any accidents resulting from misuse of these tools such as returned prims are your responsibility. Original sim content such as landscaping prims cannot be restored by us, and sim “rollbacks” cannot be requested in such cases.

The Region/Estate menu tools allow you to change the ground textures on your sim, but you must obtain your own textures in order to do this. We cannot provide you with copies of our ground textures, as most are original, copyrighted works. We can however restore the ground textures on your sim to their original state upon request.


✧ General:

Our sims are intended to be peaceful environments for all residents and their visitors to enjoy, without inhibitions or fear of harassment. If you experience harassment or misconduct from griefers or other outside parties we are prepared to take quick action to file an abuse report and/or ban them from the entire estate as necessary.

The rules below are intended to maintain the character and integrity of our environments, and not inhibit your creativity or imagination. Although we do patrol our sims on a semi-regular basis to insure security and covenant adherence, you should be vigilant about reporting inappropriate conduct and/or covenant violations to us. This is your home, so please help us insure it remains a wonderful place to be.

✧ Behavior:

Please be mindful of other residents’ privacy, and use common sense and good judgment when entering someone else’s land.

No harassment or stalking of any kind.

No spy scripts or listening/recording devices of any kind that extend beyond the boundaries of your parcel.

No non-consensual combat. If you wish to engage in consensual combat on your parcel, please insure that all associated objects and sounds remain contained within your parcel.

No littering of objects on other residents’ land.

No flying up to other residents’ skyboxes without their prior permission.

✧ Building:

Build only on the land you own.

You may build skyboxes or other floating structures above your parcel, but at no lower than 500m of altitude. Also, please do not build your skybox near a neighbor’s. As you can build from 500m up to 4000m, there is plenty of sky to share, so please choose a location that is not in sight of a neighbor’s skybox.

The maximum allowed height of builds is 2 times the distance from the border of the land. For example, 4m from the border of your land you can build up to 8m, 5m from the border of your land you can build up to 10m, etc.

No obstructive signs, large billboards, or flashing/rotating prims. Use common sense here to maintain that no major eyesores remain on your land. Should a sign be placed on the property for to advertise rent or sale, please do not place an overly large, unsightly sign/billboard. Limit ONE sign per parcel, and the sign must be placed on the ground, not floating in the air, and not spinning, blinking or rotating.

Keep the number of prims on your parcel within your prim allotment.

Reach Isles reserves the right to ask you to change or modify any building that you’ve done which we feel inhibits the character or integrity of the sim, though we intend to be reasonable about this as we wish you to enjoy the land in your own unique way. If you have any questions about this, please ask an agent for assistance, such as before you purchase an expensive prefab house or structure for example.

Note: If you own a full homestead sim, these restrictions do not apply — you may build in any way you desire.

✧ Security:

Scripted security orbs and devices are allowed on all parcels. If you live on a shared sim, please make sure your device does not hinder access to the waterways, free space, or other parcels on the sim.

Occasionally you may need to allow one or more Reach Isles agents access through your security measures, in which case we will contact you and ask you to do this.

✧ Avatars:

If your sim is shared, try to keep the number of guests on your parcel in proportion to the parcel’s size. Remember that as enforced by Linden Lab, a Homestead sim can accommodate 20 concurrent avatars at one time. Therefore, if you own only 1/2 of a Homestead sim, please don’t plan to host more than an average of 10 concurrent avatars, and likewise, if you own a quarter, your average number of concurrent avatars should be around 5. NB: these numbers are not hard limits, occasionally hosting more is fine, such as for parties, weddings and the like.

✧ Scripted Objects:

Please ensure that any sound or video streaming is contained within your parcel.

No shouting objects are allowed.

No scripts that transmit data directly or indirectly to external databases are allowed unless explicitly permitted by Reach Isles.

No high lag scripts. If your scripts induce enough lag to cause a detrimental effect on the sim, you will be asked to remove them.

Note: If you own a full homestead sim, these restrictions do not apply.


Reach Isles operates in good faith, and we expect the same from our residents. The land provided by Reach Isles is provided as is. We cannot guarantee performance, connectivity issues, or uptime. We are not responsible for any technical issues or otherwise that may arise from time to time with Second Life, nor can we guarantee frame rate performance, driver performance, or computer performance, as the quality of individual residents computer systems may vary widely.

Reach Isles reserves the right to amend or append to this covenant as necessary.

Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®