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October 2008

Openspace tier changes

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By now, many of you have read Jack Linden’s blog about openspace region pricing and policy changes. The goal of my blog below, is to answer

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Prim Perfect articles

Reach Isles is featured quite prominently in this month’s issue of Prim Perfect Magazine. If you’re interested, grab the issue and look for these articles:

  • Page 20: article about Caer Blanco, a Halloween charity project we are involved

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Drew Carey and me

Earlier this year, Drew Carey, the American comedian and actor, did a machinima in Second Life for his political news website, His video is an expose on SL as a way of life, and provides a basic … read more

Copyright Infringement

It’s often said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. If this is the case, I suppose I should be very flattered by the several fly-by-night estates that have begun to imitate and even copy our business text. Of … read more

Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®