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October 2007

Fall is here: our offices have moved!

Reach Isles’ headquarters buildings have moved to its own sim called Ratana. It’s just north of Impero, where the old location was. This gives us more space and better performance for critical apps like the tier servers. Hopefully we … read more

Ovis Isles: new openspace sims

The Ovis Isles are our 6 new openspace sims. ‘Ovis’ being the genus name for sheep, each sim is named after a sheep breed:

Who knew that sheep … read more

Rabo Largo: new island design

Rabo Largo (”long tail”) is our latest island design. This one has a smooth, chill, edge of the world type feel. Enough land for any size home, but plenty of water to play in too.

The house featured in the … read more

Mandelbrot Island: new design

A new island design is available. From overhead it looks a bit like a Mandelbrot set to me, hence the name. This design is for the privacy freak in all of us. The perimeter of the sim is surrounded by … read more

Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®