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Land Watch notices now by e-mail (or web)

As our estate has grown over the years, it has become increasingly difficult to keep up with the Land Watch notices on the Subscribe-O-Matic device in-world. So we will now be deprecating Subscribe-O-Matic in favor of land listings on our … read more

Fusion Sims Grand Opening Celebration

Reach Isles is holding a Grand Opening for Fusion, Fusion Crossing and Fusion Grove – great shopping, entertainment, and a HUNT.

Want to know more.. come visit!

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Introducing ReachBot

For the past couple of months, Reach Isles has been investigating the possible use of “Bots” in SL to help manage our growing estate. The goal of this post is to explain more about what Bots are, and what we … read more

Full prim class5 sims available for rent

We have some full prim class5 sims available for rent. 15,000 prim, free-floating private islands for one of the lowest prices you’ll find anywhere – no setup fee and L$22,500/week rent. No covenant restrictions, and full estate manager privileges. … read more

Reach Isles HUD v1.0

Announcing the first release of our new HUD. The Reach Isles HUD is valuable tool that residents can use to check their tier balance, page our support staff, browse current land listings, and more, from anywhere on the grid!

If … read more

Homestead Land Sale

For a limited time, we’re waiving the purchase fees on ALL our Homestead parcels. 4 different sizes available, from 937 prims up to 3750 prim full islands. The purchase price on each parcel is just the initial 4-week tier … read more

Another LandPay terminal location

The grid outages this past weekend had many sims totally down for as long as 24 hours. Luckily the Reach Isles sim wasn’t affected, but for future redundancy I’ve placed a LandPay™ terminal here, on Fusion Crossing. So in … read more

Introducing LandPay

Dear Residents,

We have been working hard on a new tier management system called LandPay™ – a touch terminal based system that we think you’ll find much easier to use than your current tier box. It also adds increased privacy … read more

Musings on SL geolocation

Taking a departure from blogging on land topics, I thought I’d share some thoughts on computer networks that might help those of you who are planning to setup webservers for your Second Life business applications. What I mean by this … read more

No tier increase for homesteads in July!

Linden Lab has just announced that tier for homestead land will not be increased in July, as previously stated. For Jack Linden’s blog post on the subject, see

Of course this means that Reach Isles’ tier pricing for homestead read more

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Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®