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33% increase in prims at no additional charge!

30 November 2016:
We’re pleased to pass along Linden’s recent increase in prim allowance at no additional cost to you (more prims, same price). Below are the updated parcel sizes and prices, which are already in effect on your land.

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Renting Land In Second Life! Talking With Jacqueline Daniels of Reach Isles!

SL blogger Alicia Chenaux has released a YouTube interview with our own Jacqueline Daniels talking about Reach Isles and the land rental process in general. Check it out at !… read more

Full homestead tier reduced

Effective immediately, tier on our full homestead sims has been reduced to L$7850/week.… read more

Our Covenant (in Deutsch)

We’ve consolidated our residential land covenant to cover both types of land (Homestead and Community/High Prim). The information isn’t substantially different, it’s now just in one document which will be easier to maintain. Also, we’ve had it translated into German.… read more

Live Music / Haiti Benefit Feb. 21st

Join us @ Inspiration Island for a for a day of live music to help a good cause this Sunday, featuring 10 hours of live performances to support the Virtual Haiti Relief effort.

The lineup includes some of the best … read more

New LandPay Terminal location

We’ve moved the alternate LandPay terminal location from Fusion Crossing to Pantherette. This alternate location is there for backup in case the main Reach Isles sim is down.… read more

PayPal your tier for Winter Holidays

Winter holidays are approaching in the US and many other parts of the world, and we often see residents spending less time in SL during this period due to First Life obligations. Now might be a good time to add … read more

Fall Into Fusion Sales Event Starts Today

The merchants of Fusion, Fusion Crossing, Fusion Grove and Fusion Landing bring you Fall Into Fusion! A month-long sales event featuring some of Second Life’s best!

When: Sunday, October 18 to Saturday, November 14 – Costume Contest/Dance Party: Friday, October … read more

Region/Estate tools access on Full Homesteads

We’ve made a policy change to allow use of the Region/Estate tools for Full Homestead sim owners. See the SIM SELF-MANAGEMENT section near the end of the Homestead covenant for how to request access. You can read it from Worldread more

Lag and Irritation

As many of you have noticed, and commented on, we are experiencing some pretty brutal lag, and other issues with assets and rezzing in general.

LindenLab is currently working on the servers – implementing a rolling restart slated for next … read more

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Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®