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SL needs “Region Managers”

December 11, 2008 by reacher · Leave a Comment 

Second Life sims contain some useful tools that can be found under World >> Region/Estate in your viewer. They allow one to restart the sim, change terrain textures, pin the sun to a certain time of day, find the top running scripts, and other things that “power users” might want to do on their sim.

The problem is, as it stands now, there is no sensible way to grant this to residents. The tools are only available to Estate Managers which have enormous power within an estate like Reach Isles. Thus, it is only appropriate to grant access to a few trusted administrators of the estate.

To address this connundrum, I have drafted a feature request that even some Lindens feel is a good one. You can take a look at this Jira here:

It proposes the concept of Region Managers, and is gaining momentum, but it needs more votes! The more votes accumulated, the better chance that Linden will take a strong look at this necessary feature.

Please vote for it- it only takes 60 seconds, and anyone who has a SL account can do so. Simply visit the link above, and there, you can log in with your normal SL user name and password. Then simply click Vote on the left sidebar.

Since drafting this Jira, i’ve been asked a few times why I don’t just put each sim into its own estate, so that Estate Manager can be granted to the land resident without jeopardizing other sims. The answer is: because that behavior is not correct, and it’s important for me to do what is right, not simply what might be popular. The fact that many other estates do this does not deter me. I feel any business should be a responsible member of the community it lives in, and this applies even here in the virtual community of SL. If we push for correct standards, features, and functionality as a group, we will get it, without having to compromise.

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