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New homestead swap policy

January 2, 2009 by reacher · Leave a Comment 

We’re proud to introduce a new value added policy for homestead customers, present and future — easy horizontal moves within the estate. What does this mean? It means you can swap your homestead parcel for another one of the same prim size, for free. Certain minor restrictions apply as described below, but the intention is to make this an easy and flexible process.

As Reach Isles is now one of the larger homestead estates in SL, managing over 6 million sqm. of land, this is a significant advantage for you! There is great depth and variety to choose from, covering every style; from tropics to woodlands, to mountains, desert, snow, and more. We hope this new policy not only increases the value of your investment with us, but also makes your SL more enjoyable.

Homestead Swap Q&A:

  1. Why would I want to swap my land for another?

    The choice is now yours whether to stay on your current land forever, or swap it for another parcel of the same prim size at some point in the future. As we humans crave variety, you may simply become tired of your tropical paradise, and wish to try rustic mountain living for awhile. Sometimes residents find that after the breakup of a relationship, a fresh start is helpful. There are many reasons why you may want to take advantage of this, but the choice is yours!

  2. Can I swap for any parcel I want?

    Yes, as long as the new homestead parcel contains the same prim size as your current one. Prims are what dictate cost, not sqm. of parcel size, so as long as the prims match up, you're good to go. Obviously, the new parcel must be vacant first. See below on how to keep track of homestead parcels that become available for tenancy.

  3. How often can I swap land?

    To keep things reasonable, no more than once per fiscal quarter. That gives you a maximum of 4 swaps per year, which should be plenty. Fiscal quarters are divided like so:

    • Q1: October 1 – December 31
    • Q2: January 1 – March 31
    • Q3: April 1 – June 30
    • Q4: July 1 – September 30

    Note: your initial purchase counts as a swap for that particular quarter.

  4. What costs are involved?

    No additional purchase cost will be charged. You simply have to pay 4 weeks worth of the new tier. Then, the days remaining on your old tier will be appended to the new, so that no credit is lost.

    The easiest way to move is simply to buy the new parcel, as that includes the 4 weeks of tier. We can either refund the extra purchase cost, or add it to your tier credit.

  5. How long do I have to vacate my old land once I decide to move?

    Once you decide to move parcels, and your new land is secured, you may take up to 24 hours to vacate your old land while moving into the new. When you're done, abandon the old land by pressing the Abandon Land button in About Land, then let us know so we can roll your tier credit over.

  6. How can I keep track of new homestead parcels that become available?

    The best way is to subscribe to our Land Watch list. From then on, you'll receive a daily e-mail message as new land becomes available.

    Another method would be to bookmark our Land Index. This always contains an up to date list of the homestead land parcels we have available.

  7. I own a full homestead sim. Am I allowed to swap too?

    If you own an entire sim, there is no reason to swap land. This is because we change your terrain to match another of our sims, at any time, for no charge. Think of the sim as your own personal canvas. :)

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