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Mahalia – NE

Homestead, 1250 prims, L$ 2,300/week, Mahalia (255, 255, 30)

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Desire lots of privacy and elbow room for your SL home? Come discover the most beautiful Homestead land in Second Life. A great place for a home if you value things like natural beauty, privacy, and space. Join Reach Isles and our established estate of over 100 residential sims!

** NOTE: purchase price includes the first 4 weeks of tier!

This is a 1250-prim parcel built for residential living and fully landscaped from Green & Wild Garden Centre.

This sim is completely private, with all 4 shores of water protected. No other sims will EVER touch these borders!

Please see our Homestead Land page for more information, and contact us if you have any questions.

We offer safe, friendly, lag-free, residential environments with flexible but focused covenants designed to protect you, your peace, and your privacy. You do NOT need a ‘premium account’ with Linden to own this land. No VAT charge.

Property Details

Parcel Name:  Mahalia - NE

Location:  Mahalia (255, 255, 30)

Land Type:  Homestead

Prims:  1250

Purchase Price:  L$ 11,500 (includes first 4 weeks of tier)

Tier:  L$ 2,300/week

Visit This Property:  secondlife://Mahalia/255/255/30

Additional Photos

Mahalia – NE Mahalia – NE
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