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NEW: openspace tier update

November 6, 2008 by reacher · Leave a Comment 

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This follows up on our prior blog about the proposed changes to the openspace land product by Linden Lab. LL has now released a final followup to their new openspace policies. You can read M Linden’s A Letter to Second Life Residents for more on that. Further details are provided in the Knowledge Base.

After reading you may still be wondering how this will affect you, as Reach Isles residents on openspace land. My goal here it to try to make that clear to you, in as a concise a manner as possible. As always, feel free to talk to us if you have further questions about anything.

In short, the impact of the new policy is:

  1. LL is raising the monthly maintenance fee (to us, the estate owners) for all openspace regions by 26% effective January 5, 2009, followed by another 31% effective July 15, 2009.
  2. The current openspace product will be renamed “Homestead” effective January 5th.
  3. Homestead regions will support a maximum of 20 concurrent avatars, effective January 5th.
  4. Homestead regions will have script limits applied to them at a yet undetermined date.

So how will that affect you? It’s not as bad as it might sound, and I’ll explain why below.

Our Pricing

Reach Isles will obviously need to increase our tier rates for Homesteads in accordance with these changes. Our tier is based solely on what LL charges us for these regions. So, your tier payment will go up, once on January 5th, and a second time on July 15th. Note a few things about this:

We will only raise tier enough to yield the same profit margins as we have now, so that our business costs can continue to be covered in the same manner. This will be a bare minimum increase, so that we aren’t even making a single dollar more per month per sim. We have to pass these cost increases along, but don’t intend to profit from them.

The most obvious question is, what will these new tier rates be? I’ll post those here so you will be better able to decide how you want to proceed during the next 8 months. Note that, these numbers are based on current conditions and information, such as the current value of the Linden dollar, and the current Linden policy information.

Reach Isles: homestead region tier 3750 prims 1875 prims 1250 prims 937 prims
Jan 2009 L$ 8,850/week L$ 4,450/week L$ 3,000/week L$ 2,300/week
Jul 2009 L$ 11,000/week L$ 5,550/week L$ 3,650/week L$ 2,800/week

Avatar/script limits

This will not impact you as it will impact some other estates, because, Reach Isles’ has always limited avatars to 20 per homestead region, and as you’ve read in our covenant, been explicit about heavy scripting and other overuse. Homesteads are now officially approved by LL for “quiet residential or light commercial use”, and, that is exactly what you already use them for! We also do not expect the script limitations to affect you either, as, we’ve always been proactive about monitoring scripting on our homestead regions, and your use is already low impact. These new limitations are mainly intended to curtail abuse of homestead regions, such as using them for large events, clubs, malls, and other high-impact uses.

We’ve always believed in living within our means, and now, that philosophy has paid off, as it means you as residents will not have your current lifestyle upended by these new policies.

Your choices from here on out

  1. If you can afford the new tier rate, great, you can continue to live where you do now. Reach Isles is not folding up, dying off, or leaving Second Life. The fact that we are not a “hobbyist estate”, but rather one governed by real economic and financial practices means we are stable and here to stay.
  2. If you can’t afford it, we’d still like to keep you as a valued customer. Over the next several months as tiers are raised, we will help you move into a smaller homestead parcel you can afford at no additional purchase cost. Existing tier credit will also be migrated over. If you’re interested in this, please see the Homestead Migration Q&A below.
  3. You may also choose to try to sell your land using some of the tips at the very end our of Help Page or, abandon the land if you’re not interested in selling.

Who this will NOT affect?

These new tier increases only affects homestead region residents. At this time there’s no indication LL will raise tier on regular (high prim) class 5 regions. So, tier will not be increased on our community sims (Vailea, Ashling, Talise, and Tilly). Likewise, rent will not be increased for commercial parcels on Endellion.

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