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Openspace tier changes

October 28, 2008 by reacher · Leave a Comment 

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By now, many of you have read Jack Linden’s blog about openspace region pricing and policy changes. The goal of my blog below, is to answer some of the questions that have come up from Reach Isles residents about this, many of whom make their homes on openspace regions.

I encourage you to read Jack’s blog for reference. In short, the impact of the changes to you, current openspace residents, are:

  1. LL is raising the monthly maintenance fee (to us, the estate owners) for all openspace regions a whopping 67% effective January 1st, 2009.
  2. Also effective January 1st, LL will be increasing the purchase price for brand new openspaces by 50%.

So how will that affect you? First, Reach Isles will need to increase our tier rates for openspaces in accordance with these changes. Our tier is based solely on what LL charges us for these regions. Note a few things though about this:

  1. We will only raise tier enough to yield the same profit margins as we have now, so that our business costs can continue to be covered in the same manner. This will be a bare minimum increase, so that we aren’t even making a single dollar more per month per sim. We have to pass these cost increases along, but don’t intend to profit from them.
  2. Tier prices will not change until January 1st. Until then, you can enjoy your current rates.

The most obvious question is, “what will these new tier rates be?” I’ll throw out some preliminary numbers so that you have a ballpark idea of the new costs, and will be better able to decide how you want to proceed in the next couple months. Note that, these numbers are based on current conditions and information, such as the current value of the Linden dollar, and the proposed increase posted by Jack Linden. They may change slightly between now and 1 January:

  • full openspace region = L$ 11,000/week
  • half openspace region = L$ 5,500/week
  • quarter openspace region = L$ 2,750/week

We realize immediately the frustration many of you will feel, knowing that shortly you’ll need to pay allot more to keep your current lifestyle. This is a sharp blow to everyone who owns openspace regions, from the estate owner level on down.

So what are your choices?

  1. If you can afford the new tier rate, great, you can continue to live where you do now. Reach Isles is not folding up, dying off, or leaving Second Life.
  2. If you can’t afford it, we’d still like to keep you as a valued customer. Over the next 2 months before tiers are raised, we will help you move into a smaller openspace parcel you can afford at no additional cost. Existing tier credit will also be migrated over. If you’re interested in this, please see the Openspace Migration Q&A below.
  3. You may also choose to try to sell your land using some of the tips at the very end our of Help Page or, abandon the land if you’re not interested in selling.

Who this will NOT affect?

These new tier increases only affects openspace region residents. At this time there’s no indication LL will raise tier on regular class 5 regions. So, tier will not be increased on our community sims (Vailea, Ashling, Talise, and Tilly). Likewise, rent will not be increased for commercial parcels on Endellion.

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