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Reach Isles LandPay™ is a custom built tier management system that allows residents to make tier payments, query their tier balances, and manage their land parcels, from inside Second Life. It was written from scratch, with scalability, security, and fault tolerance in mind, as well as ease of use. The LandPay™ software was designed and implemented by Reacher Rau.

Getting Started

Residents interact with the system through LandPay™ terminals, which look much like a real-life bank ATM. To log in, you simply walk up to a free terminal and touch it. There are no passwords or other information to enter; the terminal will figure out who you are automatically and present you with the list of parcels you own.

Terminal Locations

  1. Reach Isles Headquarters
  2. Pantherette

Using LandPay™

LandPay™ was designed to be intuitive and easy to understand from first use, so we will refrain from a full blown tutorial here. Rather, we will leave this space available for frequently asked questions that arise as residents are moved over to this new system.

Checking Your Tier

Your tier balance can be checked from a LandPay™ terminal, or by using the Reach Isles HUD. Using the HUD offers the convenience of being able to check your tier at any time, from anywhere in SL. The Reach Isles HUD is sent to each new tenant along with a notecard describing its use. There is also a HUD giver located at Reach Isles HQ in case you lose your copy.

Reach Isles :: luxury living in Second Life®